October 12, 2023

Bad ass old school mechanic

"They dont make em like brian anymore, straight shooter, right to the point. I took in my th350 for a rebulid/upgrade brian had it done damn near the next day. I have yet to install it due to my engine still being assembled but once its in ill repost/update my review. I also took in my 02 chevy tahoe and once again had it back by damn near the following day, that car drives/shifts flawlessly. QFor some reviews stating that he was rude, i can definitely say thats not true he was polite to me and my family whom i brought with me. I will bring my future projects here as well as recommend anyone looking for a very knowledgeable specialist"
October 12, 2023

2023-10-23 | 15:23:39

"Ive had 2 transmissions repaird by brian, one was a th350 which i have not tried yet due to the engine still being worked on, and the other was for my 02 tahoe, which i can say drives and shifts flawlessly. Both transmissions were repaired super quick within 1-2days. I can tell you from personal experience that they dont make good honest old school mechanics like brian anymore. Im assuming people whose reviews say that hes rude is due to him not sugar coating what can or cant be done. From me to my family members whove i taken to the shop with me have had nothing but good things to say about brian. I will definitely bring any future projects here as well as reccommend any one looking for a specialist. Thank you my friend."
August 22, 2023

2023-09-01 | 17:28:24

"Very friendly and helpful."
April 10, 2023

Kevin Smith | 2023-04-08 21:28:52

"Bryan's knowledge of transmissions is extraordinary. He also displays outstanding customer service skills. He quickly identified and repaired the issue causing the transmission on my 1973 Camaro to not work properly. Straight talker who takes pride in his performance and treats people well; 10 Stars."
April 3, 2023

CT | 2023-04-02 20:15:22

"This shop is amazing, and there are few left like it. He did a small adjustment to my transmission that cured it when others wanted to sell me a new one. his transmission craft has been passed down through family generations. It is run by one person with decades of experince. The owner is so into transmissions that he reads all of the tranmission literature published, and is very comfortable with even the very latest hypercomputerized transmissions (and their faults). He actually showed me a recent article published about my transmission issue. But understand it is run by one man. You are not going to call and get a receptionist who will transfer you to a service writter who will eventually relay something to a tech. So be a little patient. He will answer and give you all the time you need when he has time, and you will hear it from the man himself. "